News at HAPI

Abstracts, Accessibility, and New Journals

Recent upgrades include the addition of abstracts and new journals, and increased accessibility for people with disabilities.
Posted: 12/04/17

Immigrants, Aliens, and the Library of Congress

The American Library Association has recently passed a resolution urging the Library of Congress to change the subject heading "Illegal aliens" to "Undocumented immigrants."
Posted: 03/04/16

New pricing in 2015

A new tiered pricing structure goes into effect May 1, 2015.
Posted: 03/03/15

New HAPI Is Live!

The HAPI website has been re-launched with a new streamlined look, a more usable interface, and improved functionality.
Posted: 09/03/14

Journal Collection Evaluation Survey

HAPI has launched the second stage of a multi-year journal evaluation project.
Posted: 03/18/14

Celebrating Two Indexers' Anniversaries

Gayle Williams and Nancy Hallock have been volunteering for HAPI for most of their working lives.
Posted: 07/26/13

Postponement of Annual Journal Review for Inclusion

HAPI's annual review of journals for possible inclusion has been suspended.
Posted: 05/31/13